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New Dzogchen Cycle : The Golden Instruction of Drenpa Namkha

The Golden Instruction of Drenpa Namkha

Khenchen Tenpa Yungdrung Rinpoche

April 13th - 18th

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We are delighted to announce a new Cycle of Dzogchen teachings, « The Golden Instruction of Drenpa Namkha » (Drenpa Serdam) that Khenchen Tenpa Yungdrung Rinpoche has kindly accepted to start this spring. It contains a complete set of Dzogchen teachings including all the aspects of the Dzogchen practice: the preliminary practices, the extensive main practices as well as the pith instructions of the Eighteen Mahasiddhas, Eighteen Khandros and important instructions of the early masters. The main practices contain profound instructions on the view of Dzogchen, direct introduction into the Natural State (Rigpa), Trekchö, and Thögal practices, Bardo teachings and other key instructions on the Dzogchen practice.

The oral transmission of the Golden Instruction of Drenpa Namkha was received by Shense Lhaje, who transmitted the teaching to Khandro Kalpa Zangmo and other early Bön masters. It has come down in an unbroken lineage to our living master Yongdzin Rinpoche.

This teaching is the highest instruction of all the vehicles; external, internal and secret vehicles. It contains the pith instruction of the Eighteen Great Phagyud Bön Mahasiddhas, and is the heart essence of the Eighteen Magyud Khandros.

It is like a hook which guides the fortunate person in the path of liberation; like the wind that liberates two clouds of defilements; like the sun which opens the lotus of the two accumulations, merit and wisdom; like a great lord showing the excellent path to peace and happiness; like a powerful weapon which liberates from the prison of samsara; like a hammer which destroys the ego of the conceptual mind; like the wings of garuda which brings great meditators swiftly in the enlightened state; like a wish-fulfilling jewel which is the source of excellent benefits and happiness; it is the path which leads in one lifetime to the achievement of the state of Buddhahood and to the great kingdom of the Primordial Buddha; it is a special and profound instruction of the high vehicle of the Great Perfection.


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Schedule (Paris Time UTC+1)

  • 08.00 - 09.30: Sangchöd and meditation with Shenten's lamas
  • 15.00 - 17.00: Teachings by Khenchen Tenpa Yungdrung Rinpoche
  • 20.00 - 21.15: Meditation followed by Chöd practice with Shenten's lamas

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