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Membership options:

How to reach the center


By road

From Paris take the A10 motorway towards Chartres
then get on Motorway A11 towards Nantes - Angers
A little before Angers take the A85 motorway towards Saumur
Take exit no.2 towardsd Longué, Jumelles (toll from Paris : 23,50€)
Got to Longué and follow the signs to Blou.

keep on D938 for 1,8kms
turn left and keep on N147 for 1,8kms
turn left onto Route de Blou/D53 for 250 metres
keep on D53 for 1 km
turn right and keep on D206 for 2 kms

Before arriving in Blou you will see a large sequoïa tree close to a small chateau. This is it.
The entrance is by the car park.

By train

The nearest station is Saumur (15kms)
There are many connections with Paris, either via Angers (TGV + TER) or via Tours (TGV or Corail + TER)

It takes between 1h40 and 2h30 by TGV and costs between 41 and 56€. Make sure you use the right station, TGV leave from Paris-Montparnasse.
N.B. there is one TGV per day direct Paris-Montparnasse to Saumur. Departure 18h40 (6.40p.m.) arrival 20h29 (8.29p.m.)

The Corail trains take longer (approx. 3 hrs) but cost less : 32€. Make sure you use the right station, Corail from Paris-Austerlitz.
Taxis charge about 30€ from Saumur station to Blou, in the daytime.

By bus

There is one line ANJOUBUS from Saumur station to Blou village

winter timetable:

Saumur >> Noyant line 16



SAUMUR, Gare SNCF 17.57

BLOU, Place de l’Ormeau 18:16

Noyant >> Saumur


BLOU, Place de l’Ormeau 14.14

SAUMUR, Gare SNCF 14.35










Retreat Tariffs


Retreat fees

3 types of tariffs are given according to your income:

  • T 1: normal (income over 1500€/month)
  • T 2: for persons with limited income (From 950 to 1500€/month)
  • T 3 *: for persons with very low income or in difficult situation (less than 950€/month, it is necessary to provide the required documents)

* As it is important that everyone should be able to attend the teachings without depending on their income, reduced rates are offered to those who are unable to pay normal rate, provided they fulfill the required objective criteria.

Pay attention

The financial participation for teachings and for meals and accommodation are to be paid to two different entities:

  • Fees related to the teachings are to be paid to: "Congregation Shenten Dargye Ling"
  • The membership fee, as well as the payment for accommodation and meals are to be paid to:
    "Association Shenten Dargye Ling"


Fee for one day of teachings

T 1T 2T 3
Teachings 40 € 30 € 20 €

Membership Fee for association

Shenten Dargye Ling is an association according to the (French) 1905 Law. It is legally necessary to be a member in order to take part in the activities, such as teaching retreats. Membership covers one year and included "Speech of Delight", the Shenten Dargye Ling newsletter.The membership fees are used to cover the administrative costs (mails, data-processing equipment, etc.)

Normal feeReduced fee
Single 30 € 20 €
Couple 50 € 35

The reduced fee is applied to students, people with limited income and people taking part in the activities of the center for the first time.


Accommodation fee for one person

T 1 €1500 nett
per month per adult
T 2

T 3

Single room ( 1 bed) 30 € _ _
Double room - (per person) 18 € 16 € 13 €
Normal room with 3 beds -
(per person)
13 € 11 € 10 €
Normal room with 4 beds -
(per person)
10 € 9 € 8 €
dormitory (8 mattress) -
(per person)
7 € 5 € 4 €
Camping (only 10 tents available) - (per person) 10 € 8 € 7 €

Accommodation is free for children under 5, and half-price from 5 - 16 years old


Price for meals

T 1T 2T 3
Full pension
3 meals/ day 20 €
17 €
15 €
Meals separately
breakfast 4 €
3 €
2 €
lunch 10 €
9 €
8 €
dinner 7 €
6 €
5 €

. Do not forget to let us know us in advance if you are a vegetarian or if you need to have a special diet: our cook will try to give you the most appropriate food.
. Children from 6 to 16 have to pay half price


Here's the way to calculate the total amount for the teaching retreat:

Teaching fee (multiplied by the number of Teaching days)

+ annual membership fee

+ accommodation fee (multiplied by the number of nights spent on site)

+ meal tariff (multiplied by the number of meals)

Retreat Information


In a welcoming atmosphere Shenten Dargye Ling hosts many students every year. The organization of the retreats and teachings held, is in the hands of volunteers. They execute the work to be done in close cooperation with Yongdzin Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche and Khenpo Tenpa Yungdrung Rinpoche. The basis of the organization and regulations for Shenten Dargye Ling is to give everybody a chance to follow the precious teachings of our beloved teachers.

Shenten Dargye Ling consists of two distinctive institutes:

Shenten Dargye Ling Congregation is a monastery presided by Khenpo Tenpa Yungdrung Rinpoche, whose members are geshes and monks assisted by one Secretary and one Treasurer and technical advisors. The Congregation provides us with all the means for education and is the owner of the property, buildings and grounds in La Modtais, Blou.

Shenten Dargye Ling Association is a lay institute and consists of a president and an elected Council and a board/management team. The association organizes the retreats.

We thank you to read carefully the terms and conditions outlined in the registration process description and to follow them accordingly.


Congregation Shenten Dargye Ling
Château de la Modetais
49160 BLOU France

How to reach the center

Registration process

The registration process starts with the communication of the topics and the time-schedule of the main retreats on the website. This is followed with the possibility to register. In the website, one link will guide you to the registration form that has to be filled out completely before being submitted to the registration office. Registration is only effective when a deposit is paid. You will find all terms and conditions for payment, attending teachings, tariffs and conditions of the three different rates, conditions for accommodations at Shenten, collective taxi ride from the train station , etc. on the website. Participants will be accommodated at Shenten according to the time of accepted registration. Access to the prebooked room will be given after full payment on the day of arrival, better before 5pm or before dinner at 7pm.

The registration officer will accept cash payment, bankcard payment and cheques (only for French inhabitants).


If you would like to join the programme at Shenten Dargye Ling, please fill out the registration form. After submission of the completely filled-out form we will revert to you with the deposit due. On receipt of the deposit a confirmation will be sent to you within 6 weeks.

Departure and Arrival times

We strongly advice you to arrive the day before the programme starts and pay the remaining amount for attending the teachings.

If necessary a pick-up service can meet you at the railway station in Saumur. This service has to be requested via the registration form.

Regulations and House courtesy

  1. Stay of the participants at Shenten is at one's own risk. The organization cannot be held responsible for theft, health or any accidents occurring.
  2. Follow the schedule and be on time for all the activities
  3. Be considerate of others while talking & maintain silence when requested
  4. Participate in all karma yoga
  5. Leave no traces either in communal areas or personal space
  6. Please show respect to all the Sangha
  7. The use of alcohol or any other substances, including tobacco, is not permitted on the site
  8. Appreciate all utilities as precious commodities and treat them as such
  9. Meet the requirement that are set before entering the teachings without delay, i.e.
    • Paid for membership for the current year
    • Duly filled out the retreat registration form
    • Paid the full payment as defined and calculated by the registration officer
  10. Retreats cancellations and refunds:
    • Cancellation up to 1 week before the beginning of the retreat 90% deposit back
    • Cancellation within 1 week before the beginning of the retreat deposit non refundable
  11. Meals have to be paid beforehand (per week minimal) and can be either:
    • Full meals
    • Just lunch
  12. No refund can be given after the beginning of the teachings for meals paid
  13. If subscribed for only a part of the retreat an extension of stay can be submitted. To enable this registration office will be open 1 hr. per day. Extension of stay has to be paid in advance either cash or bank machine payment
  14. Wear your badge and show on request at the entrance of the Gompa, the dining room, etc. This badge will be given by the registration officer after full payment
  15. No personal pets allowed on premises
  16. Motor camping and car camping in the parking lot is not allowed by local ordinances (the town of Blou). This will be strictly enforced by the local authorities

Location map