Shenten Dargye Ling
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Geshe Lungrigh

Geshe Lungrigh was born in 1974 in Kham Khyungpo in eastern Tibet. 

In his early childhood Geshe Lungrigh was invited to the Monastery by his older brother. 

His older brother became the 27th Master of Khenpo Rinpoche lineage in Yungdrung Tengye Ling Monastery. 

At the age of thirteen, Geshe Lungrigh entered the monastery and became a monk.

He was learning Tibetan reading and writing and was practicing all the main prayers, rituals and ritual melodies with his root Master and his Teacher. 

Since 1990 Geshe Lungrigh has practiced a preliminary phowa practice for 100 days and Tummo practice for 100 days with a group of monks in the Monastery.

Until the end of 1990, Geshe Lungrigh traveled with the 27th Khenpo Rinpoche (his brother), to many famous monasteries in Tibet and met many important Master Lamas and received the transmissions of Shardza Rinpoche’s scriptures. 

During a four month period of 1991 in the Monastery together with a group of monks Geshe Lungrigh has received a transmission of the Buddhist (Kangyur) scriptures from the Master Kawo Thodan Rinpoche. 

In 1992 Geshe Lungrigh met Yongdzin Rinpoche for the first time, when He visited the Khyungpo Tengchen ,( Tibet ) and had an opportunity to study the nine ways of Bon and receive the Teaching from Him.

From 1993 Geshe Lungrigh continues his studies on philosophy, Sutra, Tantra and Dzogchen concerning received empowerment transmissions of Teachings from Yongdzin Rinpoche and other Master Lamas and Teachers , and also studies general Tibetan grammar, poetry , astrology (white and black) and Tibetan medicine. 

In 2005 Geshe Lungrigh completed his general studies and exams and obtained a Geshe Degree.