Shenten Dargye Ling

Yungdrung Bön

Visiting Teachers

Geshe Lungrigh

Geshe Lungrigh was born in 1974 in Kham Khyungpo in eastern Tibet. In his early childhood Geshe Lungrigh was invited to the Monastery by his older brother. His older brother became the 27th Master of Khenpo Rinpoche lineage in Yungdrung Tengye Ling Monastery. At the age of thirteen, Geshe Lungrigh entered the monastery and became a monk. He was learning Tibetan reading and writing and was practicing all the main prayers, rituals and ritual melodies with his root Master and his Teacher. Since 1990 Geshe Lungrigh has practiced a preliminary phowa practice for 100 days and Tummo practice for 100 days with a group of monks in the Monastery.


Amchi Nyima Samphel

Amchi Nyima Samphel whose lineage brings together both the medical and religious elements of Bön healing. He is a graduate from the traditional Tibetan medical school and belongs to the family lineage that heals the king of Mustang (kingdom located in the north of Nepal) for many generations.

Ponlob Tsangpa Tenzin Rinpoche

Ponlob Tsangpa Tenzin Rinpoche is the Ponlob, the head teacher of the Yungdrung Bon Academy of Higher Studies at Triten Norbutse Monastery. A pivotal moment in Ponlob Rinpoche’s spiritual life occurred in 1986 when he met Yongdzin Lopon Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche, an eminent master of Dzogchen practice, and the foremost teacher in the Bon tradition. At that time Ponlob Rinpoche had the great opportunity to receive ordination from Yongdzin Rinpoche who is a holder of the unbroken lineage of vinaya, the monastic disciplinary code of the Bon tradition. Since that time Ponlob Rinpoche has been unremitting in his quest to master the knowledge and practices of Yungdrung Bon that have been passed on from ancient times to the present day.


Geshe Kalsang Gyatso

Geshe Kalsang Gyatso was born in 1972 in Horpan village in Amdo Ngawa, eastern Tibet. He received primary education in his home area until the age of fourteen when he entered Nangzhig monastery in 1976. He received his monk vows from Gyaltsab Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche and he studied philosophy with Geshe Yeshe and language with his uncle Tsering Trashi.


Khenpo Tsultrim Tenzin Rinpoche


Gomdra Khenpo Tsultrim Tenzin Rinpoche is born in East Tibet (Kham), province of Hor. On request of his grandfather he become a monk at 13. At the age of 14 he has completed the traditional set of preliminary practices for esoteric Bon doctrines, better known as "Ngondro Bumgu" according to Drenpa Yabse cycle. (Drenpa Yabse was largely followed before the advent of Shadzapa's Kusum Rangshar) He stayed in Lungkar Gonpa and studied Bon philosophy and received transmission of Kalung Gamtso from Lama Lungkar Gelong.


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Visiting Shenten Dargye Ling

Outside organized retreat times, members are welcome to stay at Shenten for short personal retreats (max 3 weeks), or to join volunteers helping in the upkeep of the centre (gardening, painting, DIY etc)

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