Shenten Dargye Ling

Yungdrung Bön

Teaching and practice retreat on Kusum Rangshar

April 16th until 21st, 2017
Teachings by Khenpo Tenpa Yungdrung Rinpoche


This will be the sixth year that Khenpo will teach from this important text on Dzogchen written by the famous Shardza Trashi Gyaltsen Rinpoche. This year the teaching will be on trulkhor.

The retreat is open to newcomers and experienced practitioners alike.

The Self-Dawning of the Three Bodies, or Kusum Rangshar (sku gsum rang shar): it includes first chapter on the Preliminaries, the second chapter on Tummo (gtum mo) instructions on Dzogchen, extensive commentary on Atri teachings, tchulen practice....

Shardza's Five Treasures are such as the Denö Dzö (sde snod mdzod), Lungrik Dzö (lung rigs mdzod), Yingrik Dzö (dbying rigs mdzod) — as well as the Dzogchen Kusum Rangshar (rdzogs chen sku gsum rang shar), Ngöndro Kalung Gyatso (sngon 'gro bka' lung rgya mtsho) and the Kunzang Nyingtik (kun bzang snying thig).

Nota Bene: Heart Drops of Dharmakaya comes from the last Treasure:  Kunzang Nyingtik (kun bzang snying thig).

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Visiting Shenten Dargye Ling

Outside organized retreat times, members are welcome to stay at Shenten for short personal retreats (max 3 weeks), or to join volunteers helping in the upkeep of the centre (gardening, painting, DIY etc)


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