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[Mar. Budapest] Spring Blessing Ritual

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Traditionally, when a Lama comes to the house to recite a text, this means he prays extensively for the people in the house, which in our case is the group of practitioners that regularly gather there, but also our friends and loved ones. During that time everybody is invited to contribute whatever one can, food, tea, money for the Lama, (which is his income), and, most importantly, time to sit and pray together and so increase the energy. We combine this one-week prayer event with the more modern form of a “Retreat”, which includes Teachings by the Lama, so that we lay people also understand the meaning of the prayers. A retreat also gives us time for meditation, so we can improve our own practice under the guidance of a Lama. Thirdly, there is the possibility to ask the Lama questions, to deepen our understanding, which in turn helps us to integrate our meditation practice with our daily life. Our teaching and prayer text is called kLu’Bum, 100 000 Nagas, Nature Spirits. It is a teaching that our Buddha Tonpa Shenrab, the founder of the Bön religion, gave to the Nagas. Nagas are Nature Spirits that are not able yet to keep peace. We can listen and learn for ourselves, how to appease that Naga-Being inside our own mind. Since it is the mind that governs our actions, we trust that changing our own minds is the way to make the peace-keeping energy in this world stronger. Our world needs this. So whether you are Bönpo or not, have a connection to the Karpat valley or not - please, come, join us, let us raise the spirits!

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Aparte de asistir a los retiros organizados, los miembros de la congregación pueden realizar retiros individuales en Shenten (máximo 3 semanas), o unirse al grupo de voluntarios ayudando en el mantenimiento del centro (jardinería, pintura, bricolaje, etc.).

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