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[Paris] Heart Essence of the Khandros, 26 to 27th January

In Paris, the 26th and 27th of January 2019, from 10AM to 12AM and 14PM to 16PM.

Location : Palais du peuple, 29 rue des Cordelières, Paris 75013.

Subway : Les gobelins.

Tariffs for the week-end : Generosity 70€, Normal 50€, Mini 40€.

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Essential Dzogchen Instructions from the lineage of the Khandros of the Yetri Thasel cycle Dzogchen teachings from the female Khandro lineage contain the heart instructions of remarkable women, who received precious Dzogchen teachings, practiced with perseverance, and finally realized Rainbow Body, complete Buddhahood. Their teachings belong to the Mogyud Cycle of Yetri Thasel.

This very rare and special female lineage of the Bön tradition contains altogether twenty-two Khandros. Theircondensed heart instructions summarize in one sentence together with a sign or gesture what each Khandro learnt, experienced and taught to her successor. One of the principle holders of this Mogyud lineage was Chöza Bönmo, an amazing woman who lived in Tibet in the eight century.

As an inspiration to western students Khenpo Gelek Jinpa will teach how Chöza Bönmo and other Khandros received Dzogchen teachings, how they practiced and how they ultimately achieved the Rainbow Body.

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